Upcoming Earth & Sky workshops

Earth and Sky Yoga Studio offer a range of regular specialised workshops to enhance your understanding and practice of yoga and provide and opportunity for deeper exploration of specific practices including meditation, yin yoga and restorative yoga.


Winter Solstice Workshop

Turn in and awaken your Inner Fire!

Sunday 21st June 2020

8.30am – 11.30am

with Cassandra Missio

For thousands of years the Winter Solstice has been celebrated around the world—acknowledging the longest night of the year as a pause point on the seasonal cycle, a time for reflection and an opportunity to embrace and welcome  the return of the  light.

Come and honour this sacred time together incorporating the three main practices of yoga, Asana, Pranayama and Meditation.

The morning will flow beginning with a short ritual to support us in setting intention for the  coming cycle, a dynamic and warming asana practice, exploration of various pranayama practices and a concluding Meditation.


Non Members: $50
Members: $25

Winter Yin Yoga Online Workshop

Friday 17th July, 2020

6.30pm – 8pm

with Kim Dixon

Winter is the most Yin of all seasons and during winter it is important for us to find the right balance between rest and movement. While our tendency can be to hibernate through winter with a doona, a good book or Netflix, this can lead to both physical and mental stagnation. It is important to maintain health and vitality during winter by continuing our yoga practice, nurturing the breath, stretching, and strengthening the body from the ‘Yinside’ out and releasing fascia to enhance full range of motion.

In winter, Yin sequences target the kidney and urinary bladder energy channels (qi), which are the longest energy channels in the body. In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Kidney energy is known as the “Root of Life” and is regarded as the most important reservoir of essential energy in the body. Overwork, stress, and anger can deplete kidney energy which in turn lowers the immune system making us more vulnerable to winter colds and flus.  Our poses will focus on harmonising these energies to boost immunity and restore vitality. When the kidney qi is balanced clarity of thinking returns, courage is enhanced, and will-power restored.

We will finish our Yin Yoga workshop with a powerful Yoga Nidra practice for deep relaxation with inner awareness. No previous experience in Yin Yoga or Yoga Nidra is required to attend this workshop, everyone is welcome. 

Non-members: $30

Members: $15


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