We appreciate all of the kind and supportive words our students at our yoga studio in Marrickville have shared.

I’ve been a regular at Cassandra’s Saturday morning class, for several years now, and can recommend her as an exceptional teacher. I really appreciate that Cassandra is very careful about technique and alignment and never forces students into poses that they do not have the strength or flexibility to do safely. Cassandra’s classes are also very creative and varied, which keeps me engaged. Rather than treating yoga simply as a form of physical exercise, Cassandra is very authentic in embodying the values and practices of yoga in her daily life and she inspires her students to do the same. See you in class...


Chronic neck and back pain entered my life approximately fifteen years ago, some time after the birth of my fourth child. At worst this pain was occasioned by severe dizzy spells and nausea. I tried numerous mainstream and alternative therapies. None gave me the permanent relief I sought. Thankfully, I discovered the practice of yoga and in particular a truly gifted teacher in Cassandra. Her knowledge, expertise and insight into all aspects of the large body of knowledge that is yoga, is something that I truly admire and am deeply grateful for. Today, I can barely remember what it was like to be in constant pain and my body is stronger and fitter that at any time in my past. The many benefits I have gained physically and spiritually continue to grow with practice. I thoroughly recommend Cassandra, as a yoga teacher, to anyone of any age. Namaste.

Julie McSweeny

Cassandra is a remarkable teacher. She is fresh and fun at every class. How does she do that? She takes her yoga practice, however, very seriously. Her understanding of the postures, alignments and deeper purpose of yoga within our lives, is very uplifting. I feel grateful to attend her classes and think Sydney is lucky to have her.


Earth & Sky Yoga Studio is pure heaven I just plain love it. I come to class whenever I can as it helps me a lot.


Earth & Sky Yoga Studio is a truly unique yoga school with a warm and supportive atmosphere. It offers a wide variety of classes provided by well trained, experienced, knowledgable and professional teachers. I am an older aged student and always feel welcome to the classes. I have been practising for many years with Cassandra Missio an outstanding teacher at, and owner of, Earth & Sky Yoga Studio. Cassandra is an exceptional instructor who has an inclusive teaching style, a thorough knowledge of Yoga and has been teaching for many years. I strongly recommend Earth & Sky Yoga Studio to seasoned practitioners and those who want to start yoga.

Jim Hopson

Yoga teaching with passion, caring and detailed knowledge.


I just wanted to drop a line and say thankyou for a fantastic year of yoga at your studio - I have just moved out of the area (sad face) so I wont be able to attend regularly anymore and I wanted to let you all know how much I enjoyed the classes and you all made yoga so enjoyable. Thanks again and all the best.


Whilst I felt fit and well leading into the delivery of my daughter, it was the spiritual and mindfulness tips and techniques that you passed along ona weekly basis that were a huge asset to me during my birthing experience - and I'm forever thankful.

Not only was your advice about applying our yogic practice to whatever happened outside of our control so helpful; the breathing and vocal toning exercises we practiced certainly contributed to a positive birthing experience that I treasure. So I just wanted to send across this little note to express my deepest thanks.


I have no doubt that prenatal yoga was among the most useful things I did to prepare for labour, perhaps especially when I realised I'd have to go over to the labour ward - breathing through all the stress just kept me relatively chilled about the fact I needed to be flexible and go with the flow. So thank you, thank you!


Labour was quicker and more intense this time but was without any of the dramatics or trauma I experienced in my first labour. I'd like to thank you for the skills you taught us during the prenatal yoga. I believe that focusing on my breathing and using my voice played a huge part in my having such a beautiful birth.

I'm actually going to miss coming to these classes!


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