Earth & Sky Teachers

Our highly trained teachers offer inclusive and inspired yoga classes that will leave you feeling free in your body and heart.


Cassandra Missio

Senior Member Level 3 (Yoga Australia)
E-RYT 500hrs (Yoga Alliance)

I first came to yoga in my early twenties whilst travelling. I knew after my first class that I had stumbled upon a very powerful and potent discipline that left me feeling grounded and clear. On my return to Sydney in 1997, I began to study regularly and in 2003 began a 4.5 year teacher training apprenticeship at the Art of Yoga, Summer Hill. In 2009 after many years of training I was certified as an Anusara® yoga teacher.

I have further refined my practice and teaching skills studying on numerous occasions with the founder of Anusara, John Friend, and many of his senior teachers. I have studied regularly with meditation and philosophy teacher Carlos Pomeda and Yoga Therapist Doug Kellar. I am grateful to all the generous teachers who have guided me over the past 20 years. My yoga practice has been and is still a constant support through times of physical and emotional challenge, including the birth of my babies and in the early days of mothering. It is like an old dear friend always encouraging me to look for the good and beauty and focus on what brings connection.

My classes weave precise biomechanical alignment with heart-centred philosophy. I bring to all my classes the intention to offer an experience of freedom and lightness to the body and heart. My dream of a beautiful and sacred place in which to practice and teach, within a supportive community, has become reality in the manifestation of Earth and Sky. I warmly welcome you.

Prudence Davies

RYT 200hrs (Yoga Alliance)

Prudence first stepped into a yoga studio in 2009 and was instantly drawn in and intrigued by the practice – not only by the physical aspects of yoga but also the philosophy, the meditation practice, the incredible power of the breath, and how engaging the physical body has such a profound effect on the whole being.
Inspired to teach and share the power of yoga, Prudence completed her 200hr teacher training in 2013 at Sukha Mukha Yoga in Bronte, guided by Idit Hefer Tamir. Prudence further refined her teaching with Cassandra Missio – owner and Director of Earth and Sky Yoga Studio & Advanced Anusara™ teacher – completing a one-on -one mentorship in 2015 focused on biomechanical alignment and application of therapeutic techniques. Further studies include yoga therapy training with advanced practitioner Doug Keller and a full certification in pre and postnatal yoga. Ongoing education continues as Prudence works towards her 200hr certification in Anusara™ teacher training.

Prudence is very passionate about helping students find comfort in the physical body to make day-to-day functional movement steady and joyful. Classes are accessible and creative, catering for students of all levels, with a strong emphasis placed on assisting with props and providing support. Students are taught to find space in the body and are given techniques to take yoga off the mat and into daily life.

Michelle Koh

RYT 200hrs (Yoga Alliance)

Since her first Bikram yoga class more than fifteen years ago, Michelle has been addicted to the hot room and travels the world in search of “the heat”. Seeking out hot rooms in Sydney, Shanghai, Singapore, London, LA, Koh Samui and beyond, yoga has brought balance to the corporate day-to-day for Michelle.

Michelle believes in the transformative power of yoga to overcome distraction and ego. Her love and passion for health, mindfulness, wellness and wellbeing comes together in her yoga style; a harmonious balance of mental and physical, presence and awareness, on and off the mat.

Kimberley Dixon

Yoga Australia Level 1
RYT 250hrs (Yoga Alliance)

Kim has been practicing Yoga for close to 10 years and has practiced meditation daily since 1985. She is captivated by the transformational power of yoga, not only physically but across the whole spectrum of psycho-emotional wellbeing. In 2016 Kim completed 200hr Vinyasa and Yin Yoga Teacher training with visiting US trainers, Paul Graham E RYT 200, and Naomi Jones RYT 200. Inspired to delve deeper, Kim later travelled to Bali to train with renown Yin Yoga teacher trainer Mysan Sidbo.
Kim continues to study Yoga and Meditation and in 2017 completed a Traditional Chinese Medicine and Yin Yoga Teacher Training course with international Yin Yoga Trainer Jo PheeE RYT 500, and a Meditation Facilitator Certificate with Nikola Ellis, C-IAYT, MCAP in early 2018.

More recently Kim completed a 6-month mentoring program with Cassandra Missio, registered senior teacher and Certified Anusara™ teacher, and is currently deepening her Anusara knowledge and skills by working towards a 200hr Anusara yoga teacher certification.

When she is not teaching yoga, Kim works full-time as People & Culture Director with a global environmental non-government organisation. She is a certified Positive Psychology practitioner and her yoga teaching is underpinned by an understanding of the complementarity of traditional yoga theory and contemporary Western research. Kim teaches from a place of compassion, support and empowerment and is always inspired by the magical transformation that occurs in the short space of one yoga class as students settle, breathe, move, and connect to the deepest and best version of themselves.


Rachel Gray

Yoga has been a source of inspiration and strength for me for over 20 years. I began my teaching journey in 2014 when I completed a 350 hour teacher training course at Triyoga London, with Anna Ashby, a leading yoga teacher in the UK. I then established a successful yoga business in London, where I focused on teaching mental health staff from the National Health System yoga techniques for calming the nervous system and bringing themselves into a state of deep rest and rejuvenation.

I teach alignment based, mindfulness informed and gentle yoga with a passion for the calming impact of the breath. My classes draw on my study of yoga philosophy combined with clear and accessible instructions.


Tara Maree

RYT 350hr

Tara's intention for teaching is always clear and comes from a place of complete sincerity. She uses all of her available energy to guide her students on their path of self discovery. She brings together the importance of movement, meditation and breath and draw parallels between the yoga world and methods she has learnt through extensive therapy. She combines the skills she has learnt through her path of wellness with the ancient teaching of the east. Her movement knowledge has been built up over ten years with her dedicated martial arts training. With the combination of all of these worlds of thought, she hopes to offer her community a tool kit to guide them through their ongoing personal exploration.


Wendy Millyard

RYT 500hr

After having spent much of the last 12 years living in London, Sydney-born Wendy now calls Australia home.
Wendy's teaching style is warm, friendly, and welcoming to all levels. Her classes focus on safe, healthy alignment, delivered with a sense of humour, playing with a curious explorations of asana (physical poses) and breath awareness. She aims to help her students find a greater sense of well-being and self-compassion and to open more fully into the experience of being alive.
Relocating to London between 2017-19, she undertook Triyoga's 300hr Advanced Teacher Training with leading UK teachers Anna Ashby and Jean Hall (together with some of the world's finest Yoga scholars/practicioners). Her first 100hr immersion and 200hr teacher training were both in Anusara with Bridget Woods Kramer and Carlos Pomeda and in 2016 she undertook a 6-month mentorship with Cassandra Missio at Earth & Sky Yoga Studio where she went on to teach before returning to London.
Wendy has studied with respected American teacher Richard Rosen both in London and the U.S. and with whom she continues to have close contact as a friend and mentor. She is grateful to all her teachers and mentors listed above; to the many others who have guided her on her journy and, of course, to her students!

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