How do I book in for the Zoom online classes?
You will book in the same way you always have, using the MindBody app or logging in via the website. Once you've bokoed in for the class you want to attend, you'll receive an email confirmation from FitGrid of your class registration. Then, between 30 and 60 mins prior to class you'll receive another email from FitGrid with the link to access your online Zoom class.

How close to class start time can I book in?

You can book into a class up until 1 hour prior to class time, which is when FitGrid will generate and send class links. 

How do I get into the Zoom class?
You'll receive a link to the email address that you have nominated under your account. We recommend clicking the link in the email 10-15 mins prior to class beginning, to ensure that your computer audio and video is working okay. Once you click the link, the Zoom program or app will need to download onto your device (this doesn't take long, you just need to give your permission to download). Once this is done, you will be taken into the class. 

You can use a desktop, laptop, tablet or smart phone to join the class - as long as you have a mic and camera.

What do I need to set up to practice?

Organise a space for practice that is free of clutter and has space for your mat. Have a blanket, blocks and belt and whatever else you may need to practice close at hand and be sure that you can clearly see the screen that you are using.

What if I am having issues during class?

The teacher will check in before class starts to make sure everyone is there. Once class begins your mic will be automatically muted. There is a chat box where you can write a comment if you are having any problems throughout the class.


How is Earth & Sky different to other yoga studios?
Earth & Sky is a boutique yoga studio offering a warm, non-competitive environment. We welcome all students, from beginners to the more advanced.

I’ve never done yoga before / I’m not flexible – can I do yoga?
Increased flexibility is one of the many benefits of regular yoga practice – not a requirement for starting. We welcome folks with all levels of ability

I am new to exercise – am I fit enough for yoga?
Yes. We have a range of classes to suit all levels of fitness and ability.

I am pregnant – can I do yoga at any time in my pregnancy?
Absolutely. Pregnant students are welcome in our pre-natal yoga classes. Pregnant students may begin these classes at any time during their pregnancy.
Regular weekly practice is recommended for maximum benefit

Do I need to book before my class or can I just turn up?
We are a boutique studio, with limited class sizes, so it is always best to book to secure your place in class.

I have an injury or am recovering from an illness – can I do yoga?
Yes. Our Gentle Yoga class is perfect for you.

What is the most cost-effective way to do yoga at Earth & Sky?
Earth & Sky Membership offers unlimited group classes in-studio and online, plus member discounts on workshops and natural therapies. This is by far the most cost-effective way for you to invest in your practice.

Do I need to bring my own mat?
Yes, due to the current circumstances students are required to bring their own yoga mat. Mats are also available to purchase at the studio.

What do I do with my belongings when I am in class?
Bags, phones, etc can be safely left in the reception area – please don’t bring them in to the practice area.

What should I wear to yoga?
Yoga is performed barefoot and you will be most comfortable in clothing that allows you free movement but that is not overly baggy or loose.

Can I eat before class?
It is best to not eat anything heavy in the hour or two prior to class.

Do classes start on time?
Before your first class, please arrive 10 minutes early to sign and settle in.
Before all other classes, please arrive 5 minutes before the timetabled start time to set up your place.

How long are classes?
Most classes are 1hr 15mins.

How many students in a class?
Our boutique studio limits class sizes to ensure individualised attention, however class sizes vary. Booking ahead ensures your place.

If I choose a particular class to attend each week, are the yoga poses performed in that class the same every week?
No. The sequences and poses are different each week. All classes are formed around a four-week cycle. Over each new four-week block, students have the opportunity to experience a full range of postures, as the anatomical focus is varied each week. This provides you the opportunity to continuously expand your knowledge and understanding.

Do you offer gift certificates?
Yes we do.

If I buy a 10-class pass can I come to any class?


Why should I become a member? Isn’t it easier to just pay for classes as I go?
The most cost effective and convenient way to develop your yoga practice is with an Earth and Sky Yoga Membership.
Members may attend an unlimited number of in-studio group classes and online live-stream classes, plus have unlimited access to our pre-recorded class library for $37.50 per week.  Membership also provides access to discounted workshops, retreats and equipment.

Is my membership refundable? Transferrable? Shareable?

Is there a joining fee?

Can I cancel my membership any time, or put my membership on hold?
Please see our Membership Terms and Conditions


Should I book before I come to class or can I just show up?
We are a boutique studio with limited class sizes.  It is always prudent to book ahead either online or using the Mindbody App to secure your place in class [Download our booking app here]

I booked but then I didn’t attend my class – can I have a refund?
If you have booked we have reserved a place for you, so we can not offer a refund.

Are refunds given?

No, unfortunately we do not offer refunds on purchased passes, or drop in classes. 


I am pregnant – can I do yoga at any time in my pregnancy?
Absolutely. Pregnant students are welcome in our pre-natal yoga classes. Pregnant students may begin these classes at any time during their pregnancy. Regular weekly practice is recommended for maximum benefit

Can I start any time in my pregnancy?

Yes you may join our pre-natal yoga classes at any stage of your pregnancy. A regular practice is beneficial for all stages of your pregnancy journey, to physically and mentally centre yourself, ease the aches and pains of pregnancy, prepare physically for the birth of your baby and connect with other mums-to-be.

What multi-class passes can I buy?
The 10-Class Pass is available to all students

Can I bring my baby/child with me?

Earth & Sky welcome infants age 6 weeks to pre-crawler in our Mums & Bubs class only.

What if I buy a class pass and then my baby is born and I haven’t used all the classes?
You are warmly welcome to use the remaining classes to attend Mums & Bubs classes or any other class on our timetable when you are ready to return to practice.


How long do I have to wait after my baby is born to attend?
Please check with your doctor at your 6-week check regarding your readiness to return to exercise.

I have had a caesarean – can I do yoga?
It is important to check with your doctor regarding the duration needed to heal after your caesarean before returning to exercise.

Is there an age limit to the bubs that can attend this class?
This class welcomes babies aged 6 weeks to pre-crawler.

What if my baby cries or needs feeding?
Rest assured, all the mums in class have babies…and they will have different needs at different times. If your baby cries – please feed them, comfort them, change them, etc. Don't worry you won't disrupt class.

What do I need to bring?
A blanket to lay your baby on
Any toys your baby likes
Your own yoga mat

Can I bring my pram in?
Unfortunately this is not possible. Earth & Sky is on the first floor so it is best to bring your baby in a sling or carrier.

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