Mums & Bubs Yoga allows you time to give to yourself, as well as to your new baby. Classes are designed to help you engage in self-care by: relieving tension; improving flexibility and strength; reducing fatigue; and bonding with your baby. Your baby will love the gentle stimulation of movement, song and massage.

Please note that Earth & Sky is on the first floor, so it is best to bring your baby in a sling or carrier as prams will not make it up the stairs.

Minimum of 5 students needed to proceed.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if my baby cries or needs feeding?
That is perfectly fine and normal! Remember everyone in class has a baby and each baby will have different needs at different times. If your baby cries - feed them, comfort them, change them. Don't worry you won't disrupt class.

What do I need to bring?
You, your baby and a blanket to lay your baby on and any toys they may like to play with. We have all the other equipment you will need.

What age can my baby be to attend class?
This class is ideal for babies ages 6 weeks to pre-crawler. Once your baby is crawling and active this class is no longer suitable.

IMPORTANT: Please check with your doctor about when it is suitable to return to an exercise program - being mindful that you attend class when you feel physically capable.

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