Pilates at Earth & Sky

Pilates is a non-impact workout, building core strength, to improve back health, overall fitness and muscle tone.

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With its emphasis on alignment, centred breathing, precision and flow, Pilates is a perfect complement to yoga as taught at Earth & Sky. We currently offer Pilates Open classes and Pre-natal Pilates classes.

Pilates Open

Earth & Sky's Pilates Open class is perfect for students of all ability levels - from novices to those with more experience.  Nuances of student physique and biomechanics - including injury, weakness, or imbalance - are easily adjusted for in this class.

Pilates is best known as a core strengthening and conditioning practice. Core strength has a major impact on spine condition, with improved core strength associated with alleviation of back pain and improvement of postural awareness.

Class pace is slow and safe, allowing time and space to experience mind-body awareness and connection. 

Pilates Open is available Wednesdays 6 - 7pm.  Please see our timetable to book.

Pre-natal Pilates

Carefully crafted to support pregnant women, this class is aimed at maintaining tone and strength during pregnancy, as well as helping with postpartum recovery.

Pilates is best known as a core strengthening and conditioning practice. The core and pelvic floor play an important role before, during and after birth, and have a major impact on the condition of the spine. During pregnancy, the spine is increasingly put under pressure. Improved core strength is associated with alleviation of back and hip pain, along with improved postural awareness. Therefore, Pre-natal Pilates classes focus on bringing increased awareness and strength to the core and pelvic floor, as well as giving you an opportunity to increase your connection to your body and baby at this special time.

Pre-natal Pilates is offered Mondays 6.15 – 7.15pm.

Class size is very limited. Please see our timetable to bookPlease check with your doctor about when it is suitable to return to an exercise program - being mindful that you attend class when you feel physically capable.

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