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Hatha Yoga

Our highly experienced teachers focus on clear, precise alignment to increase and support students' strength and flexibility. 


Our Hatha classes are inspired by the teachings of Anusara Yoga meaning to flow with grace www.anusara.com. Our classes incorporate a unique set of concise bio- mechanical alignment principles that are important in the practice of yoga as they provide guidelines on how to align the body, heart and mind in a way that provides both integration and safe opening so circulation is optimal and strength, good health and wellbeing are fostered.

Movements and actions within every pose are coordinated with the breath. Our classes support the individual student in finding their unique strength, freedom and expression in each pose and if necessary, poses are modified or supported with props. Classes always conclude with a deep and restoring relaxation or meditation.

We have a variety of Hatha classes to suit everyone:

Hatha Beginners

This is the best class to attend if you are new to yoga or have not been near a yoga mat for sometime and wish to refresh the basics. Our Beginners classes follow a 4 Week Cycle which covers the basic 4 grouping of poses - Standing Poses, Hip Openers/Twists, Backbends and Forward Bends. Each class concludes with a guided relaxation. After completion of a 4 Week Cycle you will have a good understanding of the foundations of Hatha Yoga and will have the confidence to step into our Hatha Open and Hatha flow classes.

Hatha Open

This is a general class perfect for you if you have an understanding of the fundamental postures of Hatha yoga and have completed our 4 Week Yoga Essentials Course. Our open classes are taught around a monthly anatomical focus providing the benefits of repetition and an opportunity to deepen knowledge and understanding of the benefits of each grouping.

Hatha Focus

This class is suitable if you have more than 12 months experience in yoga and a solid foundation in practice. The more advanced poses of headstand and shoulder stand are often taught in these classes supporting the yogi in maturing and deepening their practice to a new level.

Gentle Hatha

Gentle Hatha Yoga is specially designed to be non-strenuous yet effective in relieving aches and pains and building strength and flexibility over time. The class will be slow moving and use the support of chairs, blocks and bolsters to assist you in finding good alignment in each pose. Focus will be given to conscious and calming breath work, slow repetition of poses and all classes will end in a nurturing meditation.

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