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august 2018

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The Niyamas: Tapas

During the month of August we are exploring the third Niyama, Tapas. Niyamas as laid out in Patanjilis  Yoga Sutras are ethical guidelines for the yogi pertaining to his/her daily activities; observances of ones actions, words and thoughts. Tapas are  not only those delicious Spanish entrees we love to eat but also a sanskrit word that means heat or fire. The heat generated from consistent and dedicated yoga practice over a long period of time. The heat that dissolves the impurities and heaviness of the body and the mind. The analogy often given is that the heat we generate through our conscious commitment to practice is similar to the heat of the flaming furnace which burns away the impurities from impure gold leaving behind the pure shining essence of the precious and beautiful metal.

In our Open Hatha classes we are focusing on core strength work this month to strengthen our internal fires and build the heat of practice.

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